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Texan / téksən /

[adj] relating to Texas or it's inhabitants

Melt / mélt /

[noun] the state of being melted

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Everything is always bigger & bolder in Texas! At Texan Melts, we take your traditional sandwich and gussy it up “Texas Style”!  All our Melts are made to order with only the finest ingredients available.  We take our slow roasted meats, fresh artesian breads, specialty cheeses & farm fresh produce and create a hand-crafted grilled sandwich just for you.  

We are excited to also be serving up our “Family Recipe” Texas Chili every day of the week! Order a hearty cup or bowl - there is no limit on how to enjoy our Texas Chili! We know it will be one of your favorite items on the menu!

For our guests who are looking for a lighter fare, Texan Melts offers a selection of “made from scratch” soups and salads. 
Come on by and see how Texan Melts is “Gussying Up” your traditional sandwich!


Texan Melts - gussying up the traditional sandwich.


Happy Hour

Happy Hour 2-4 pm

Free chips & drink with full sandwich purchase
Every Day