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Texan / téksən /

[adj] relating to Texas or it's inhabitants

Melt / mélt /

[noun] the state of being melted

As cheesy as it sounds, there's nothing that unites people like a warm, gooey, grilled sandwich.

At Texan Melts we serve great American comfort food with a Texan twist. We use the highest quality ingredients - in-house roasted meats, Wisconsin cheeses and fresh daily vegetables. From brisket to vegan cheese, there are enough choices to make something new everyday!  Choose from our grilled gourmet delights or create your own from all our choices of cheese, meats, vegetables and bread - whatever you're currently craving!  Krinkle cut fries or cheese fries will complete you and your meal, or try our Texas chili, soups and fresh salads.

Always five minutes behind schedule?  Order online and pick up your food to go instead.

We offer gluten-free and vegan for those with dietary concerns.


Texan Melts - gussying up the traditional sandwich.